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Sir Bill Taylor addressing international conference in Melbourne Improve Your Council brings a refreshing approach to devising, designing, developing and delivering public services in a democratic environment.

About your Council and your Partners:-

  • Are you properly citizen/service improvement focused?

  • Are you enjoying the best possible relationship with neighbouring councils, the Police, Health, the private sector, the voluntary/community/faith sector & other key strategic partners?

  • Are you sure your LSP & other partnering arrangements are all running as well as they could/should?

  • Are you forging the best possible relationship & image within the local media?

  • Are you Getting the Officer/Elected Member "chemistry" right?

  • Are you experiencing a new Leadership or Cabinet?

  • Are you going through the change of a new political balance?

  • Are you in need of help in visioning?

  • Are you underperforming? Not meeting targets? Inspection or Review imminent?

  • Are you needing to identify & achieve your goals?

  • Are you sure your policy priorities are "do-able" - resolving infinite aspirations with finite resources?

  • Are you understanding & being better understood by hard-to-reach groups:- young people, older people, those with disabilities, BME groups, communities, tenants & community associations?

  • Are you engaging, Empowering & Leading your Citizens & Communities?

If you would like a fee free initial conversation of how I would be able to help you please contact me.

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