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Community Leadership

“Engaged” Communities lead to more

“Cohesive” Communities!

But this requires good Community Leadership.

An Introduction to Community Leadership.

A training event led by Sir Bill Taylor. 

Who’s this training for? The best Councils, Police, health, housing & other public services consult & engage with their communities.

Community workers, members & officers of community associations, voluntary, community & faith groups, Parish Councils, community pressure groups, Police on the Beat, Community Support/Safety Officers, members of governing bodies – anyone with their community interest at heart.

Sir Bill Taylor has forty years youth & community work experience, including the voluntary sector & 33 years as a paid professional working with the voluntary sector, community associations, county, district & parish councils, schools, teachers, governors, the Police, health, social & other services. He has worked as a detached worker, community/centre manager, school based youth tutor, & as a trainer, manager & developer of youth work & youth workers. He has decades of experience in training young people & community groups across the different age groups, ethnic & urban/rural from experiences from university to community based settings. His professional brief included Child Protection, Crime & Disorder/Community Safety, Reducing Teenage Pregnancy.

He was a local councillor for 25 years. During this time he Chaired most Committees including:- Recreation, Community & Leisure, ethnic minority panels, Finance, Education & Lifelong Learning. For ten years he was Deputy then Leader of the Council. During his stewardship the Council gained 4 “Beacons”, was in the “Premier League” of Excellent CPA rated Councils & were acclaimed as Council of the Year. Bill was honoured with his knighthood in 2003 in recognition of his work & success.

He initiated many innovations that have now become standard practice across this area of work:-

“Belonging” social engagement/community cohesion campaign.

“Thrash the Trash” environmental agenda/campaign.

“Ngage” young people’s engagement/cohesion agenda/campaign.

Making Sense of Modern Local Governance/Public Services “scrabble board”.

Resource Mapping approach.

Public Service Management Boards – “LSP’s with Teeth”.

What An Introduction to Community Leadership will do.

By the end of the event, participants will:-

  • Understand themselves better.
  • Understand their community better.
  • Know better the key “players” either within or who affect their community.
  • Identify & understand better the key issues that affect their community.
  • Be able to deal with their local media more effectively.
  • Be able to identify the “blocks” & the opportunities to your community being a better place, be able to function better.
  • Feel more competent & therefore confident.
  • Have an action plan that will work.

The training (groups up to 10/12) takes about 5 hours & can be conducted over 2 evenings or a weekend day.

The best Councils, Police, health, housing & other public services now realise they need to engage with their localities to make places better for people.

Sir Bill’s experience & successful track record makes him the ideal person to help this process develop.