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Sir Bill in the community

Past activity & assignments.

Community Involvement
His work has included Crime & Disorder/Community Safety, better Community Engagement, Leadership & Cohesion, getting key agencies (elected members, council officers & staff, the Police, Fire & Rescue, health, the local media) to understand and respect each other & work better together.

He has worked with Students at University level & with various youth & community groups and has trained across different cultures & backgrounds. He is at home with all Key Stage learners. He has worked with young people all around England. Abroad he's worked in France, Germany & Poland. He once ran a session with young people from England, France, Germany, Turkey & Belarus.

“Trade” Media
He has regularly appeared in & on all local, regional, national, international & various "trade" media. He is a regular columnist in his local media.

He has addressed or chaired numerous conferences on numerous subjects - locally, nationally & much further afield. He's as happy addressing 2000 politicians or professionals as he is on a street corner talking with a stressed community.

  • He has chaired & shared platforms with government & shadow ministers, senior civil servants, academics & others.
  • He's at home talking with everyone in the public, private & "third" voluntary, community and Faith sectors.
  • He is clear, confident, coherent & convincing in front of microphone or camera.

Professional Youth & Community Work. 1973 to 2006.

  • Worker-Urban/Rural, Multi/Mono Ethnic.
  • Manager-Strategic/Operational.
  • Trainer-In House/University.

Public Service.

  • Elected Member 1980 – 2004.
  • Committee* Chair 1984 – 1998.
  • Policy & Resources 1984 – 1998.
  • Mayor/Deputy Mayor 1989 – 1991.
  • “Exec” Member 1997 – 2001.
  • Deputy Leader 1994 – 2001.
  • Leader 2001 – 2004.

Key Events.

  • “Working at Leisure” Report. 1986/7.
  • 2000 top LEA OfStEd – “a remarkable, unique record unparalleled elsewhere”. Top mark for political leadership.
  • ODPM’s Strategic Partnering Task Force.
  • Making sense of modern local governance.

Sir Bill with Queensland Chief Executives

  • Pioneer Public-Public Partnership with Rochdale LEA. Turned their LEA around.
  • Groundbreaking Public-Private Partnership with Capita. National/International model of innovation & excellence.
  • Six Beacons:-
    • 2001 School’s Improvement
    • 2002 Business Growth & Libraries as a Community Resource.
    • 2003 Developing the School Workforce.
    • 2005 Delivering Services in rural settings
    • 2009 FE & HE in Colleges 

Sir Bill Welcome Tony Blair

  • Member of Urban Renaissance initiative.
  • “Excellent” CPA. His leadership receives special comment by Sir Brian Briscoe (former LGA Chief Exec).

Sir Bill and Phil Watson CBE at the National Innovations Forum

  • National ODPM Innovations Forum. Lead on Education & Engaging Young People.
  • Council of the Year 2002.
  • Knighthood 2003 for Services to local government in Lancashire.

Sir Bill is knighted in December 2003

  • Pilots on:- EAZ, I&DeA Peer Review, PSA’s.
  • Speaker/Author/Trainer on various aspects of public services development & delivery – locally, regionally, nationally, Europe & global.
  • Guest Speaker at Business Processes Outsourcing Conference, Melbourne 2004. Invited back for wider tour of Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane 2005. Involved in hosting the return “Ashes” leg here in UK in 2007.

Sir Bill Taylor addressing international conference in Melbourne

  • Mentor for many staff and members internally & externally with the I&DeA, Middlesbrough & LB Waltham Forest Councils.
  •  Originator of:-
    • Council/MP’s briefings.
    • Leader’s/Leadership/Joint leadership processes.
    • “Belonging” social engagement/community cohesion campaign.
    • “Thrash the Trash” environmental agenda/campaign.
    • “Ngage” young people’s engagement/cohesion agenda/campaign.
    • Making Sense of Modern Local Governance/Public Services “scrabble board”.
    • Resource Mapping approach.
    • Public Service Management Boards – “LSP’s with Teeth”.
    • Council Leader’s “Surgeries”, council.leader@ e mail service.
  • All the above now nationally recognised/replicated as examples of best practice..
Clear, confident, coherent and convincing in front of the microphone and camera. Bill is used to working with all media – including national TV/radio.