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My Philosophies

Improve Your Council focuses upon the process of engendering and enabling change leadership with the outcome of improvement in public services.

Change management is not enough, change leadership is what's required.

The clear and constant focus must be upon service improvement, otherwise, what is the point?

Valuing and valued people is at the heart of this approach. Organisations don't change - people in them do.

We need people steering these dynamics with commitment, vision and stamina!

All public services face change. The trick is to take all key stake holders along with that change - make them part of the changes. Only change for improvement makes sense.

"We need to steer a course between the "Change-aholics" and the "Inertia-viks", speaking honestly & plainly to all concerned".

The Future

Think change is going to go away?

Think again!

Nearly every aspect of our lives is experiencing change. If Soccer AM's Yorkshire former Newscaster Geoffrey Trueman is to be believed, "Change is not good"!

Top-Down change can be imposed. But it doesn't feel right, does it?

Improve Your Council knows how people feel especially during change.

Change Leadership in Public Services is the way that everyone together will make change a positive working successful experience.

Clear & plain speaking is what's on offer here. A "Sarah Beeny" approach to doing things for the optimum!