Improve Your Council Sir Bill Taylor

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Sir Bill making sense of modern public services What does Improve Your Council offer?

A plain speaking, down-to-earth, bespoke "tailored" approach...

  • Facilitating/focussing "away days", residential & evening or weekend sessions. Improving relationship processes that lead to successful outcomes.

  • Local Strategic Partnerships.

  • Promoting better private-public relations & partnerships.

  • Partnership working with Councils, the Police, Health, Education, the 3rd sector and other key agencies.

  • Working with Councils on the performance route that began with Best Value and is now focussed into the future around Local Area Agreements.

  • Enabling the professional/political partnership to flourish.

  • Leadership coaching, mentoring and supporting.

  • Restructuring/prioritising.

  • Fronting community engagement/citizen panel exercises.

  • Community Cohesion: Aiming High - Including All.

  • Improving CPAs and attaining Beacons.

  • Every Child Matters.

  • Crime and Disorder/Community Safety work.

  • Youth Work - in its local/national context.